Welcome to EATechs.com where you can manage your way through helpful links which have proven beneficial over the years to EATechs’ customers, adjusters and health officials. These links, i.e. info, services, articles, etc have provided reliable information which helps sift through the vast pool of miss-information. These links will also benefit you as a manager or owner work through the process as you seek to restore the facility or building back to a healthy environment. As anyone in the business knows, NOT all projects, conditions, or practices are the same. EATechs is a proven company with a vast amount of knowledge. Many claim to be trained in the restorative or damage and indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting business although few actually understand the physics, material interaction, sampling techniques or requirement, and or best practices. Our project manager(s) and consultant(s) actually sit on many professional (engineering related) certification boards. We hope the provided information will help you better understand what may be involved or what steps should be taken on your particular project.

Whither your project requires indoor air quality testing, mold inspections, bacteria or soot sampling, or water & fire damage or restoration concerns, EATechs is available to help.  If you have suffered from a puff-back or soot damage - EATechs can help.  We serve Western & Eastern Massachusetts, Eastern or Northern New York, Maine, Upper and Lower Connecticut, Upper & Lower New Hampshire, & Upper & Lower Vermont Locations. If you area is not noted, give our office a call and inquire if EATechs offers services in your area.

Services offered (but not limited to): Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sampling – Mold Sampling, Bacterial Sampling, IAQ Investigations, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Water Damage Inspections, Infrared (Thermal Imaging) Evaluations, Heat Loss, Moisture & Structural Defects, Mold Remediation (Clean up), Soot Clean-up, Duct Cleaning, blower door test, and much more.


Don’t let your project become their learning curve. Prior to drying or taking on any remodeling and/or repairs, the laws in your state may require that all building materials must be sampled for lead paint or asbestos containing materials (ACM). Materials may not be manipulated, removed, altered, sanded, etc prior to testing. If the test results are positive for lead or asbestos, the laws in your state may require a license professional before these materials may be manipulated, sanded, altered, or removed. Determination of material composition is called material mapping. Its important to know, if building materials have not been tested for lead or asbestos, the building materials must be treated as if they contain lead and/or asbestos. Although many insurance adjusters may not be aware of these laws, many contractors seem to ignore them for the purpose of speeding up the completion time as well profit increase. Every company must manage its profits although it should not be at the risk of property or health. It is industry accepted that its better to do nothing than to improperly manage potential contaminants and hazards. Resulting damage to property and health may become irreversible or clean-up cost may exceed the original project cost.

Material mapping, as well as many other required testing cost, may be covered by your policy. Its always best to consult with a professional to determine if these type of cost would be covered. A professional understands what is required and how to present the cost for reimbursement purposes. EATechs has had great success getting these procedures reimbursed. If you are looking for a professional company who is able to determine the scope of work (scope), proper protocol (procedures), and testing to verify the work has not caused unseen (hazards or damage), call EATechs right away. If you prefer your own contractor, EATechs also offers consulting services to validate your preferred contractor is not releasing lead dust or hazardous particles into the air.


Fire & Water damage are areas that have become more complicated due to laws and regulations, i.e. lead paint, asbestos, and fiberglass fibers. Throughout the years I have found that some contractors simply ignore these important laws and/or regulations or are simply ignorant – which would red flag that contractor (in my opinion).

Let me further explain; during water damage projects many contractors are removing ceiling, walls, trim, and flooring without have the materials tested for lead and/or asbestos as required in some or most states. Massachusetts for example is one of those states that require testing of “ALL” building materials prior to alteration, manipulation, and/or removal.

According to our industry: any dwelling of building built before 1978 there is a “more likely than not” probability that the walls and/or ceiling (including trim) will be painted with a lead base paint. A simple way to tell is if your home/building has plaster ceilings and walls build before 1978 there is a STRONG chance (more likely than not) that your building has lead paint.

Furthermore, according to the EPA, asbestos was utilized in many building materials for many years.Recently the court found that attorneys for manufacturers misrepresented materials which actually contained and still may contain asbestos. Prior to any building materials being altered, manipulated, removed materials must be sampled to determine if asbestos is present. It is believes by some that many contractors are are placing their help in harms way buy ignoring these regulations. Others feel like they are being pressured by certain companies to ignore this possibility if they want to continue to receive work. The results are these contractors are potentially placing the occupants and their children in harms way (all for the sake of cost).

These risks may not be realized until many years later, i.e. lead dust or asbestos.  At such a point in time how will those who suffer defend when so many years have pass?  Numerous factors require documentation in order to support or eliminate a claim.  Although if the materials have been sampled and the remediation process followed according to Federal, Stated, and Local regulations (and oversight to confirm compliance) this documentation could become the factors that (more likely than not) will sustain your evidence to defend or support your claim(s).

In many cases if you have suffered water damage, and the water damage is covered, so is the testing for lead and asbestos.  If the materials come up positive, the removal under strict guidelines should also be covered.  If these cost are covered, than why place yourself and your children needlessly into harms way?

The real issue becomes if the materials come up “hot” (a term for the presence of lead or asbestos) than the contractor is unable to complete the work resulting in loss of financial gain (unless the contractor possesses an asbestos or lead abatement license).

The real question to ask is WHO’S INTEREST (including your health) DOES YOUR CONTRACTOR REALLY HAVE IN MIND.

If you have any questions or need additional information, call EATechs @ (413) 376-TEST (8378) for Western Massachusetts or (508) 796-3525 (Eastern Massachusetts).

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