Bob Hawley is one of the few consultants within the indoor air quality industry who also has a good understanding of building construction and the associated mechanics within. Mr. Hawley has held a Massachusetts General Construction Supervisor License for over 30 years which makes him the best choice when it comes to understanding complex issues surrounding indoor environments. The available synergy when you possess the knowledge of both the IAQ and the construction field is such a benefit to our clients. Such knowledge is a must in todays complex buildings associated with changing building codes.

As a result of construction techniques and aging materials, many contaminants are able to migrate beyond the source (or reservoir) and may migrate throughout the building via unexpected pathways and other forms of transportation. Without the necessary experience, resolving or identifying and mitigating the cause and origin may be delayed resulting in further complications, additional clean-up, and additional cost. Understanding building components and how they influence building pressure, temperatures, pathways, material use and design, etc. are a must when it come to resolving building complaints.

Bob Hawley holds the broadest range of professional IAQ certifications within the northeast as well 30 years as a licensed construction supervisor (CSL). His experience has been reflected over the years in handling property claim damage in excess of one million dollars. He has handled property damage involving although not limited to: wind, fire, water, ice damage, construction defects, mold damage, soot damage, boiler failure, and more.

His knowledge and experience are a must when it comes to resolving your project needs. With such a broad rage of experience in the IAQ and construction field its no mistake that he is chosen as the preferred consultant. Below is a list of Mr. hawley’s credentials:

Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
Council-certified Microbial Consultant
Council-certified Microbial Claims Adjuster (Not A Lic PA)
Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
Council-certified Residential Mold Inspector
Council-certified Environmental Thermography Consultant
Construction Supervisor License (Massachusetts – Unrestricted)
American Drying Institute (Advanced Techniques in Drying Water Damaged Buildings)

Note(s): The majority of private companies or IAQ schools offering certifications, which do not meet ANSI/NOCA 1100 (NOCA Standard 1100: “Certificate” vs. “Certification”) standards are being portrayed to the public as “professional certifications.” According to the ANSI/NOCA 1100 these certifications are no more than a “certificate of attendance” or a “certificate of training.” Be sure your consultant or remediation contractor’s certification is a “professional certification” and complies with ANSI/NOCA 11100.
*ACAC certifications comply with ANSI/NOCA 1100 requirements and are considered professional certifications;
*ACAC programs are accredited by the Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB);
*ACAC is a candidate for ANSI accreditation under ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024;
*ACAC examinations are compliant with standards published by AERA, APA and NCME;
*ACAC is a member of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA)