Environmental AirTechs staff have achieved some of the American Indoor Air Quality Council’s most prestigious certifications in ALL three (3) of the following tracks:

1. Environmental Consulting,

2. Remediation, and

3. Microbial Inspection.

What is a Council-certified Professional?

IAQ Council-certified professionals are experienced in one or more disciplines related to indoor air quality, including environmental investigation and consulting, microbial investigation and consulting, microbial remediation, residential mold inspection, IAQ administration and microbial claims adjusting.

To earn their designations, Council-certified professionals undergo the most stringent examination and review process in the IAQ industry.

To maintain their designations, Council-certified professionals participate in the most rigorous recertification program in the IAQ industry.

For more details about the qualifications and requirements of a specific IAQ Council certification, click one of the links below:

CIEC LogoCouncil-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

CIE LogoCouncil-certified Indoor Environmentalist

CMC LogoCouncil-certified Microbial Consultant

CMRS LogoCouncil-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor

CMR LogoCouncil-certified Microbial Remediator

CRMI LogoCouncil-certified Residential Mold Inspector

CMCA LogoCouncil-certified Microbial Claims Adjuster