The answer is YES & NO – It depends!

Microbial Remediation

Microbial Remediation (MR) is a unique cleaning process of microbial biomass, bacteria, mold, & associated spores and hyphae at levels below what the unaided eye is capable of seeing.  Some small jobs do not require a consultant, i.e. less than fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00).  Even a small job can become a larger one if the remediation is not conducted within or follows industry standards.   There are many contractors who are conducting remediation projects that are not properly trained in mold remediation.  The issue is there are also many unsuspecting customers that are unaware of this and are hiring these contractors as a result of low bids.  Don’t let your remediation project get out of control; hire our consultants to protect your health, property, and investments.

Visual Inspections

Just because the area looks visually clean does not imply the location has been cleaned to a level that will help reduce any adverse health affects.  It is accepted throughout the industry that depending upon a visual inspection alone is not adequate to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning process down to the microbial level.  The only means to confirm the effectiveness of the cleaning process is to conduct selective sampling.

Hiring A Remediation Contractor

Unfortunately hiring a remediation contractor (RC) is not as easy as hiring a general contractor to perform construction at your site.  A good understanding of the remediation process and practices is very helpful when hiring a remediation contractor.  This is because microbial contamination is smaller than dust particles.   Because EATechs consultants also are certified in remediation practices, our consultants can help you be sure the remediation contractors are performing up to industry standards.

Hiring A Environmental Consultant

Hiring an Indoor Environmental professional/Consultant  (IEP/C) can bring some real needed oversight when it comes to your remediation project.  Because there are no mold laws or laws which govern mold clean-up practices, when you hire our consultant(s) EATechs will be sure the most up to date standards are followed as well proper installation of containment(s) and engineering controls are set n place and functioning according to design throughout the remediation project.

Without proper engineering controls and the oversight of your preferred RC’s the RC may use uncustomary standards and there is less than likely  the possibility of any accountability, quality control, or quality assurance.  At EATechs our consultants will strive to assure you that proper engineering controls are in place prior to the RC commencing any remediation work.  EATechs will also offer oversight to be sure all affected equipment and locations have been addressed by the RC.

Will my carrier hire my EC?

Not likely.  They are protecting their interest and you must protect yours.  The cost of hiring a compitant EC will be far cheaper than hiring an attorney to settle a claim against the neglegence of the RC.  Without hiring an EC from the beginning, securing evidence to support your claim(s) may become more difficult after the fact.