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EATechs will clean the air ducts of your home or business with professional equipment. Your business or home’s duct system will be placed under negative pressure to ensure the best capture collection possible. Unlike other practices that simply place a vacuum hose in the ducts hoping to remove or capture the loosened particles and/or debris, EATechs will place your system under negative pressure. Under negative pressure any loosened particulate and/or debris will be drawn down the system and captured into a HEPA filtration filtering system during the cleaning process – resulting in a better overall cleaning experience.

Quick is not the answer, being thorough takes time! EATechs will spend the required time on your system until it is clean.  Unlike other firms, EATechs does not have a quota that forces the techs to clean four (4) or more systems a day.  We focus on your needs and that results in good business practices.

EATechs is not a proponent of using chemicals except under very unusual conditions. We believe that adding chemicals into the breathing zone is not the answer. That is why we use traditional means of manual agitation whenever possible.

Keep in mind: our prices will reflect the amount of work that is require to restore your air conveyance system back to its original cleanliness.

To the general public the term “air duct cleaning” implies that just the duct work within a system needs to be cleaned. 

This misconception is much to prevalent and should be addressed.  EATechs would like you to know the difference in a partial cleaning compared to a total system cleaning A total cleaning systm cleaning should include all duct work, fans, coils and other components. Without addressing the various aspects of the air conveyance system, real beneficial result may be lacking.

Naturally, if only a portion of the system is cleaned, the areas which were not properly cleaned will quickly re-contaminate the remaining system. This is also called contaminant redistribution. EATechs will price out your duct cleaning based upon what is required to personally clean your system. We are not concerned of what the competitors are charging as we do not rush through the process to meet company quotas.

Quotas only impress upon the techs to move quickly and quality is compromised. Speed and quality rarely are found in the same sentence.  Keep in mind: The taste of a good price is soon forgotten after a poor job is done. EATechs prefers to take whatever time is required to complete the cleaning of your duct system properly. As a result you should enjoy the benefits of a system that is no longer a reservoir.

One of the major causes of poor indoor air quality in commercial buildings is inadequate maintenance of air conveyance systems. For this reason, government agencies and indoor air consultants commonly endorse a “building systems” approach to indoor air quality. In order to reduce the threat of indoor air pollution, the building systems approach calls for a dedicated environmental maintenance program for air conveyance systems.

As the result of air duct cleaning and mold removal, you can expect the following:

  • Significant reduction in Bacteria, Fungi, Mildew, Odors, Dust Mite Waste, etc. (up to 80-90% in some cases);

  • Significant Reduction In Dust;

  • Improved Heating and/or Cooling Performance;

  • Reduction In Heating/Cooling Costs (under certain conditions some clients could experience up to a 30% savings);

  • Significant reduction in allergy-causing reactions (coughing, sneezing, eyes irritated, etc.).


The Following Are Samples Of What May be Lurking in Your Air Conveyance System!

POLLEN - file size-6k


BACTERIA - file size-6.3k


HOUSEHOLD DUST MITE - file size-5.9k

Dust Mites

ANIMAL DANDER - file size-5.9k

Animal dander

  • Air duct cleaning by a qualified firm can provide relief from airborne molds and by some of the
  • most common aero-allergens. Health and science studies have found that chemicals known as mycotoxins are emitted from hypae and spores of various molds, causing various health effects. Duct cleaning should always be considered after demolision or a building project. If water damage is involved, duct cleaning is a must.

    Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

    • Allergy relief – cleaning the duct system can eliminate up to 80% of the mold, mildew and
    • bacteria if these contaminants are in the duct system and/or the system is causing these contaminants to become aerosolized.

    • Dust control – ducts are vacuumed and sealed; resulting in (under most cases) of less
    • housework to dusting and vacuuming (depending on street traffic and surfaces).

    • Air flow – a clean system means the unit works more efficiently; lower utility bills.
    • Efficiency – a clean system means less friction & improved air flow.
    • Registers are removed, cleaned and replaced.
    • No mess – supply registers are protected by filters;
    • no chemicals unless absolutely necessary resulting in no chemicals passing outside of
    • ducts.

    • Chemicals – if we utilized any chemicals we will upon your request supply the safety data
    • sheets;

    • Electrostatic filters are available to provide long-lasting protection of your air conditioning
    • and heating systems.

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