When an unexpected event occurs – like a fire, there are numerous factors that come into play. What materials were use at the time of the construction, i.e. materials containing asbestos or lead paint.

In the pictures provided the siding was asbestos and required a licensed asbestos contractor to remove before any other work could be performed on the exterior.

Stored materials are another concern that generally gets overlooked. These other products may contain lead, asbestos or other hazardous chemicals.

When the fire department arrived and applied moisture to put out the fire, the question becomes what is being stirred up and released into the air, i.e. asbestos or lead, PCB’s?

Chemicals may potentially become absorbed into the building materials.¬† When plastics or plastic materials are burned VOC’s are also emitted.¬† The home or building owner must also consider potentials of PCB’s being released due to lighting fixtures when fires occur.

When the fire is out, what is next? We feel the first step should be to evaluate the environmental conditions before anyone enters this new conditions. Deterine if any hazardous materials exist.