Mold & Musty Odors

Mold & Musty Odors are typically derived from elevated moisture conditions within a confined space. Mold requires moisture to thrive. Once mold or mildew has begun to proliferate it no longer requires standing or large amount of moisture to continue growing in your home. Moisture can accumulate in unexpected or unseen locations, i.e. ceiling and wall cavities, between floor layers, within insulated locations, attics, between roof layers, within cellars, etc.  Call EATechs to evaluate the environmental conditions that may be attributing to elevated moisture conditions.

Don’t Let The Mold or Musty Condition Worsen Or Diminish Good Health

If mold has developed the best suggestion available is to address the issue. Unresolved conditions that attributed to the mold growth may continue to exasberate the condition. If the mold is not cleaned up adverse health affects may result or become worse. Those most susceptable are theose who are immno-compromised, received an opperation in recently, yound children, those who suffer from asthma, and many others.

Quick Clean-up Preserves Your Health & Assets

Quickly and properly responding to clean can result in many benifits. The more quickly addressed the least likely the mold will spread – ending in overal reductions in cost. Mold clean-up is not cheap and there is a very good chance your insurance company knew that many years ago. If they determine you did not respond in an expected manor, you may be at risk of the carrier not renewing your policy coverage when renewal time comes around. It is very important to be responsible and address the issue as soon as it is discovered. call EATechs for a mold or mildew evaluation or inspection @ 413-569-5554.