Why do I have black particles occurring (or showing up) on my walls, dishes, or plastic containers? You may have what in the industry is called a “Puff-Back”. Puff-backs can occur no matter what the fuel source or heating unit style you use, i.e. boiler, furnace even if the unit is fueled by oil or natural gas. The resulting particulate contains carbon black and other by-products, i.e. sulfer, etc. when the fuel source is oil. Regardless, the soot is believed to be linked to a carcinogen and is not healthy. Clean-up is highly recommended as soon as possible. Depending on the cause and origen your iMany policies cover the clean-up

How can I prevent a puff-back from occurring in my home or office?

During the start-up perior of the heating season and the extream cold weather heating load requirements are put upon your heating furnace or boiler. Regular tune-ups (typically once a year prior to the heating season) are important to avoid or reduce potential for a puff-back to occur.

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